LG 65 Inch UHD 4K LED Smart TV With Built-In 4K Receiver – 65UJ670V

65 inch 4K

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Product Description

Enjoy an immersive and arresting UHD 4K LED viewing experience with the LG 65 inch UHD 4K LED Smart TV with Built-in 4K receiver. Smart has never looked so good, the LG Smart TV with webOS is guaranteed to deliver an astounding performance no matter what you are doing; watching your favorite movies, streaming online content, watching sports, or playing video games. Sporting a 65-inch screen which delivers a striking resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, this UHD 4K LED TV will take your breath away with sharp bright, rich darks and clear contrasts. And now with a built-in 4K receiver, you can enjoy the UHD experience at all times. With 1456x336x902mm dimensions and a 26kg weight, this LG 65-inch UHD Smart TV is guaranteed to complement your home’s décor by adding an elegant, futuristic touch.

LG 65 Inch with Built-In 4K Receiver – Physical Features
65 Inch
Smart TV
With Built-In 4K Receiver
Smart TV with webOS
LG 65 Inch with Built-In 4K Receiver
Any seat will become the best seat in the house with innovative IPS 4K panel. Thanks to the Ultra HD feature, entertainment will be viewed from any angle without distortion.
You can now see more HDR pictures than ever before. Equipped with the Multi HDR technology, which is an advanced formatting technology that enables the LG UHD Smart TV to output High Dynamic Range HDR algorithms. Your viewing experience will get a major upgrade!
The LG 65-inch UHD LED Smart TV makes the ordinary seem astonishing. With the advanced HDR Effect technology and enhanced picture processing, your TV is now capable of delivering an extraordinary color and contrast levels.
Brighter whites, darker blacks, and sharper contrasts at every turn. Equipped with the Ultra Luminance feature, the LG 65-inch Smart TV delivers astounding new levels of brightness and darkness.
Even when streaming online content, take your entertainment to a whole new level with the 4K Upscaler and HEVC decoder. Register new resolution heights every time you power your TV up!
LG 65 Inch with Built-In 4K Receiver
An excellent TV deserves an audio level that matches. The immersive multi-channel sound effect technology works on creating seven virtual audio channels which produce a surrounding effect.
Whether you are watching a thriller, an action-filled movie, your favorite sports, or playing video games, with a powerful sound system, you will be able to hear every scratch, step, and snap.
LG 65 Inch with Built-In 4K Receiver
Seamless, sleek, and slim. The LG 65-inch UHD Smart TV will complement your home with great pictures, whether it was turned on, or turned off.
No matter how you choose to showcase your TV; hung on the wall, or sitting on its stand, the LG 65-inch TV will blend into your décor.
LG 65 Inch with Built-In 4K Receiver
Smarten-up your life with the award-winning LG Smart TV. Enjoy catching up with the news from the BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, streaming online content and so much more.
With an access to the LG Content Store, you will be able to get your hands on varied applications and games that you can enjoy anytime, any day.


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